Eya Ozerova is a Los Angeles based artist, born in the Ukraine. She holds an MFA degree from the Stroganoff University of Applied Arts and Design in Moscow where she developed a new textile art technology she calls “Soft Art” or "non-woven tapestry" on which she wrote a book and gives numerous workshops all over the world. Eya is the winner of the 2009 competition titled “Drawing the Court” (exhibition in Central House of Artist, Moscow) for the portrait of Russian political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky which she sketched during a series of the courtroom trials. Eya participated in more than twenty personal and group exhibitions including group show "Drawing the court" at Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin, Germany, and also in London, Paris, Rome, New York and Washington D.C. in 2010-2011. Her latest project "Shining Vibrancy" is inspired by the rayonist movement of the early avant garde  in which she experiments with rays and rhythms of color combinations.


Main exhibitions

2012                              a winner of competition Wearable Art Show in Tacoma, Seattle, USA.

2012                              solo exhibition in Bergamot cafe at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca, USA

2011                              group show "Drawing the court", Check point Charlie Museum, Berlin, Germany

2010                              Exhibition and discussion in The Library of The Congress USA, Washington DC, USA

2009                              a winner of competition "Drawing the Court", exhibition in Central House of Artist, Moscow

2010                              "Roma's vacation" group exhibition Dools House, Moscow, Russia

2008                              Art & Deco 2008, Manege Gallery, Moscowm Russia

2007                              Youth Exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow, Russia

2006                              Solo exhibition, "Saburovo" gallery in Moscow, Russia

2005                              Spring Youth Ehxibition of the Moscow Union of Artists, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow, Russia

2004                             I I Russian Americans Artists Ehxibition, Pacific Disign Center, LA, CA, USA

2002                              "Stars for Defence of Animals", Charity Exhibition, Central Artists House

2001                              Topanga Gallery, Group exhibition, LA,CA,USA

2000                              Solo in "Arkhangelskoye" Museum, Moscow, Russia

1998                              "Nodar Tsegarely And His Students", National Museum of Decorative Art, Moscow

1996                              "Atelier Antiques", Soho, NY, New York, USA